The Canadian Preuniversity Website: This website includes a number of resources to be used as part of the New Teacher Induction Program in an Overseas School.  

 Welcome to the Canadian Pre University New Teacher Induction Web page. 

Below you will find: 

1. Information to living in Malaysia and practical advice

2. Links to Human Resources Services

3. Sample NTIP - pages for 

  •  English, science, social studies/business, mathematics
 4. Interactive Map- this map includes landmarks for, doctors, HR office, shopping. If you push down on a marker you will get a description. 

I am still working on this I am doing my PQP this summer. So it has to be ready for July.  For the most part, it will only add information. 

Below is a video of CPU. IT was created by the Media Arts class.  

Below is a link for the South Australian Matriculation Program taking place at the Main campus. These videos are often shared with the entire staff and also it gives you an idea of how the school's campus is organized.  The main campus has area that is both an outdoor and indoor configuration.   

Maps! Everyone on staff wanted one. I built an interactive one which includes descriptions of most of the main landmarks. Apartments (you can Google iProperty Malaysia for the most common apartments, Casa Tiara, First Subang, Summer Villa, and Boulevard. I have also included the location of nearest Starbucks! Sorry no Tim Hortons here. Also, you can walk to most  locations in about 10-20 minutes. Traffic and getting cabs can be a pain. There is a new LRT (like TTC) but it won't be ready for a couple of years. Our school is on the line!  

This project, NTIP was created for the my Principals Qualification Part 2 Project. I will, hopefully complete the project this July at OISE/UT. Here is the project that I proposed during our PD day, which was dedicated to the project.  Below "Practical Advice" were some of the most important information other staff members thought should be included in the project. 


 Human Resources deals with health care, annual flights home (since the policy changed the majority of the teachers will be hired in July). It is generally advised that you book in January. Generally, prices are cheaper and you will get the flights you want. Cathay Pacific is generally preferred over Air Canada in terms of price and flight times. 

 Below is the following link to Human Resources:

It will be a page dedicated to for contact information and also tell you when and how procedures are done:  The following will be complete

Below is the link to the Panel Hospitals and Clinics. phone numbers and also procedure to get your costs reimbursed.  

Below are department websites. I would suggest that everyone check out the English website because it has OSSLT information and all teachers need to mark mock tests so this is a good website to look at.  Also I have load mathematics and science information. I am in this department it is not done!!! I am hoping by the weekend I will have these pages finished. 

One all sites you will have: 

1. Master Calendar- shows you have the classrooms are run and time blocks 

2. Semester calendar- gives you a week by week break down of the administrative things that generally need to be done, such as 6 - 8 weeks into semester Mid Terms have to be sent out. Parent teacher interviews. You could even use this is a guide. 

3. Official Course Documents generally follow this pattern: 

  • Course Outline 
  • Course Evaluation Scheme 
  • A daily lesson plan (it's a good to get a bank going and you can fill in when you are here)
  • Long Range Lesson Plans- This is a format for ISO9000. Your HOD will fill you in on these details when you get here. 

Resource Links: Below is CPU Monster Mentor on using our TCIS (....a ....program used to take attendance and log discipline notes- most common discipline issue is attendance.  Also, ISO9000 is something most teachers are not familiar with and as a result I have compiled the list of links on our server to help you navigate the system during the audits. They are a pretty straight forward experience but it is good to know where to find information. 

Recruiting- in particular international students is something we do at CPU. I have presented to international agents who act as brokers between the college and the home country. International students come from the following regions: 

1. Africa- Kenya, Yemen, Sudan (via Saudi and USA), 

2. Middle East-   Egypt  (during the civil riots and unrest), Oman (sponsored by their government), Iran (Malaysia is a non aligned Muslim friendly nation a lot of middle eastern restaurants are Iranian)

 3. Asia- Indonesia, China, Korea 

4. Some expat students- some UK students, Canadian/Malay students. 

Class Websites: There is one I hope to have a number of them because we recently become a Google School and teachers have created websites using Google Sites... in May (Inshallah)

Take a tour of school's own video collection

 Explore a class website

Below are some of the links to the Professional Development sessions that have taken place throughout the last 4.5 years since I have been here. When I got here I was working on my Masters in Education (Information Technologies), hence the website idea. Also I since I got the position at the college I have completed my AQ Junior- Administrative focus, Principal's Qualification Part 1 (July 2014) and I am hoping to complete Part 2 (July 15).  

A number of teachers on staff are staying at Taylors to complete this PD route as I have outlined. On the International scene, Taylors is unique because you have a direct link to the Ministry of Education in Ontario and you qualify for a lot of these administrative courses, which are unusual in other countries. New Zealand, Australia have limited structure for teachers moving into admin, this may have changed.  UK have some programs and in the US often teachers have to take special administrative courses. 

In my opinion Ontario has a very organized structure and effective process with training teachers into management positions and also a lot of AQ Part 1, 2 and 3 require a project and our school has a number of people completing a lot of these for the reasons above, connection to the Ministry of Education in Ontario.  The Professional Development days have recently been a day to launch these projects. 


Below are links to previous professional development days. 

Archived PD Reference sites: 

Click here for the ISO Audit information 

Click here for the Professional PD Sept 6

Click here for the  Sept 30 math and Science PD on Graduate Education for teachers

Click here for Professional PD Day March 1, 2013

Click here for the Science iPad Fest April 30, 2013

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