Below is the course evaluations that take place every semester. It occurs near the middle and end of semester. It is like a university course semester evaluation: 

  The Taylor's Document for Teaching and Learning

 Teaching and Learning Feedback- Course Evaluations 

July- December 2014


Never – 1

Almost never – 2

Sometimes – 3

Almost always – 4

Always – 5



Student Engagement

1. My teacher is organized and prepared.

2. My teacher presents the lessons clearly.

3. The pace of the teaching is suitable for me.

4.My teacher uses a variety of resources to support my learning needs (e.g. iPad, YouTube, videos, Moodle, Apps, Google docs, Facebook, Edmodo, etc.).

5. I know what I am learning each day.

6. Discussions in my class improve my learning.

Learning Environment

1.My teacher sets clear expectations of learning.

2 My teacher connects the subject to real life applications.

3. Students are treated with respect.

4. My teacher attends to my needs and interests. 

5. My teacher challenges me to think (e.g. problem solving, critical thinking, etc.

6. My teacher provides meaningful opportunities to work in teams/groups.

7. My teacher makes learning interesting.

Assessment and Feedback  

1. My teacher gives me adequate and timely feedback.

2. My teacher helps me know how I am doing in this subject.

3. I know what I need to do to improve throughout the course.

4. I am able to get academic consultation when I need it.

5.  My teacher uses different ways to find out what I know (e.g. presentations, case studies, webinar, forums, debates, self-assessments as well as class tests and quizzes).

6. My teacher grades my work fairly and consistently.


1. What did I enjoy most in this class?

2. What specific, helpful and constructive comments/suggestions could improve my learning experience?