To the left is the Hospital and medical center that most people use  Sime Darby Hospital and Medical Center 

Below is the Micare outpaint claim form. You use this form if you see a specialist and you pay for the appointment first and you have available funds in your account. 

Micare Outpatient Claim Form.pdf Micare Outpatient Claim Form.pdf
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Type : pdf

 Below is the e-mail you will get from our MiCare customer service once you join Taylors Educational Group. 

Please refer below for steps to register in the MiCare eClaims Tool:

   Your User ID: TAYLORS teacher 

  • Key in your temporary password as shown below to log in to MiCare eClaims Tool.

   Your temporary password: 12345678

  • If you require any assistance, send an email to, stating User ID and issue encountered in the email.


For further queries, email

Alternatively, contact MiCare Call Center (24/7) at 1-800-88-2678


This is an auto email. Please do not reply to this email address

The video to the left is a "Malaysian Tourism video" however, it does show you the facilities in Malaysia. There are a lot of clinics and we have a lot of doctors and clinic I would say than in Canada. 

Some words of caution: 

1. Make sure you get a reference to see specialist from on of the panel clinics. 

2. Try to get a payment letter before you see the doctor.  

3. Save all of your receipts.   

Calling the insurance company-always bring a smart phone with you. 

General Line- 03-7843-9459

24 Hour Hotline- 1-300-88-9979

Fax number: 03-7847-4304

E-mail to get a guarantee letter. This means that you are sent a letter to take to the hospital and it is like money.   

Call Center <>