Human Resources it your first administration contact with the school:  

Initial Start Up

A. As soon as you arrive Human Resources  will start the process of getting your Work Visa into Your passport. 

B. You may be issued with an IC card- some of us don't have this while others do it shows that you are legal to work in Malaysia 

C. You may not have your passport for about 5 to 10 days, while they place your work permit into the various government buildings. It is generally advised that you carry a photo copy of your passport, with your name, and passport number. This will be used to get your Malaysian phone number. Your phone number is registered to your passport not an address or anything like that in Canada. 

IF you need an address here is the school's address. People at school send DHL packages from Canada or from online shopping to school, you can buy dresses, and sheets using Groupon: 

Taylor's College Subang Jaya

1st floor, Wisma Subang Jaya

Jalan SS 15/4

Subang Jaya

Selangor Darul Ehsan



Telephone number: +60356371150

Fax number: +60 3 5637 1981

GPS N 3.076747, E 101.589831

School website:  

Okay what all of the above means: 

Wisma Subang Jaya ( is the building we are in)  

1 floor administration, someone is always on this floor; staff sit all together on the 4th floor. There is an office area literally like in the show the "office" and there is a staff lounge across the office with a fridge, water cooler, microwave.   

 Jalan SS 15/4- means street - so in Malaysia- most major streets are 15, 14, 10 (Like Bloor, Sheppard, or Younge and Bayview). The 4 means like side streets. This vaguely is the best way to describe the street number system). 

Selangor- is the province, state (much smaller in Canada). For example, you can drive 20 minutes and be in another state.   

Postal Code is like America not like Canada  47500. 

Many teacher ship items to the school. If you ship to your apartment you will end up having to drive to a central postal office. This is a huge pain. Best advice, ship to the School.  

April 25, 2015- Was tax time in Malaysia.   

Taxes (they are due April 25) It is a much easier process than in Canada. You can only deduct for a couple of things, books, computer, sports equipment (don't ask...i have no idea).  However, the process is in Bahasa Malaysia don't worry an HR person does it with the CPU staff. This year about 20 of us did it after March break, end of March. 

Your flight is considered a taxable benefit. This means it is in your best interest to book ahead of time so you don't have to pay extra tax. The school does pay for your annual ticket home. You don't have to pay but you will have an extra deduction at the start of the first quarter, usually by your March pay cheque. 

You will always be required to get 3 quotes for an air flight home. School policy.  
Some words of advice. I prefer Cathay pacific for a number of reasons- flight times, better service than Air Canada, and also less hassle with baggage. Air Canada changes policy on this so often that it is a pain. So during Chinese New Year (always in Jan or Feb) I book my July ticket home and when I compare prices it is cheaper than Air Canada and usually a European/Middle East quote.  So I get to fly with the air line I want and at a better price, less taxes for me.  

Others on staff don't care and will usually normally be booked on Air Canada because it is typically less than 
Cathay Pacific Airlines. So others book later. 

Flight Booking Procedure

You must this agency if you want to get your ticket booked. 
So normally, what i do  is: 
1. pick my day to leave
2. send them your full name as it appears in your passport 
3. Passport number 
4. Passport expiration date to this e-mail:

You normally get a response within 24 hours. 

Work Permit Renewal Procedure 

Foreign workers need to update their permits every 2 years. So even if you sign on for 1 year you will still be given a 2 year work visa.  The reference checks-current employer-, medical (this consists generally of an overall health questionnaire by the clinic the school sends you to. An eye chart reading exam. It is generally not considered invasive at all- no blood is drawn, if this helps you. 

Generally you will not have to a police reference check.