Teacher to Teacher Advice (from teachers who have been through these some teachers have been through these)

Generally geared specifically to Ontario Inspections

  • Organize lesson plans by Lesson 1- and so on- it is easier to keep track especially if you reorganize your classes or dates or holiday unexpectedly come up. 
  • Create a bank of general comments for teacher reflections. For example, check homework more regularly, review trig functions before teaching a physics concept. 
  • Ontario Inspectors: won't be paying attention to your classroom teaching, however post sample of students work around the room for inspectors to view. 
  • Ensure students bring original textbooks 

Inspection Outlines and Preparing your documents for the

Taylor‘s College is inspected yearly by the Ontario Ministry of Education Inspection below is the schedule and what you need to show the inspector for an inspection:

April 2015- Will be an onsite inspection. Every other year an inspector from the Ontario Ministry of Education does a couple of day inspection. Often their visits are planned by sometimes they will be roaming the school inspecting various locations. Often Taylors Educational Group senior management will welcome the inspector to the main campus and take them on a tour. Then they will spend looking at the school. 

As a teacher you will be required for each course:

        1.     Cover Page

             2.     Course Outline

             3.     Long Range Plans

              4.     Evaluation Scheme

              5.     Daily Lesson plans- You may want to consider 

             6.     Samples of work – they are looking for samples of a low medium and high level assessment piece.

               7.     If you teach with another teacher the inspector may ask for a common rubric. For example, one                          semester I was teaching with 2 other teachers and I showed them a common rubric that we can                        come with for an independent study unit assessment. 


                   Some of the questions you may be asked are related to attendance:

                      1.     How do you keep track of attendance? I usually show they TCIS and show them how we track                            them down. Or if you have paper copies show the inspector those samples. 

                         2.     How do you record discipline action? I usually show them TCIS student log feature.

                        3.     How do you explain your assessment practice?

                      4.     For blended learning how do you record attendance or monitor participation. During this time I                           explain the various features of various educational technologies: Edmodo, Moodle,                                             Facebook, or any other ones that you may use.  

             5.  I often print off the blog, website, or Moodle page and keep it in my folder.