Teacher to teacher Advice (From teachers who have been through them

Advice generally geared toward ISO inspections

  •  Organize lesson plans by Lesson 1- because dates change and holidays unexpectedly come up 
  •  Organize your own  "reflection bank". Such as check home more often with class, review trig functions when teaching physics concepts. 
  • ISO is interested in process: keep copies of appraisals or Appendicies and that they are signed and dated correctly (HOD will have PDF copies)  
  • ISO is an organization that is there to inspect school processes and they will accept "chalk talk" for large classes 

ISO Audit Checklist 2014 (3).docx ISO Audit Checklist 2014 (3).docx
Size : 436.235 Kb
Type : docx

 ISO Audit 2014


              1.         Academic Calendar

                    \\TUCSVRNAS02\CPU_Academic\6.Admin-Related-Matters\2014 Academic Calendar



              2.     Course Calendar



              3.     Department KPI and Priorities

                \\TUCSVRNAS02\CPU_Academic\6.Admin-Related-Matters\2014 KPI and Priorities


                  4.     Staff Handbook

-refer to HR Employee Self Service on Taylor’s Portal

- log into staff portal

- 13th link on left

 5.      Student Handbook

Staff may refer to the student handbook which is placed on the student portal.


               6. Individual Timetable

HARD COPY (given at beginning of semester/ get new copy from programme if you lost it)


         7.   Taylor’s Graduate Capabilities & Teaching Learning Framework    

                 \\TUCSVRNAS02\CPU_Academic\6.Admin-Related-Matters\Taylor's Graduate Capabilities

              8. Delivery of lessons

Course Outlines, Long Range & Short Range Plans – HARD COPY in white files in CPU programme office. You should also have a copy in your file. Ask your HOD if you need a copy.

\\TUCSVRNAS02\CPU_Academic\7.Departments on Tfile



             9. Daily Lesson Plans, Teaching materials, weights.

\\TUCSVRNAS02\CPU_Academic\7.Departments on Tfile



            10. Assessment – Evidence of collaboration if more than 1 teacher teaches the course

Markbook files. There should be subject meetings which are minuted. Email trails should also be available.

           11.  Monitoring of Student Performance, attendance, progress, disciplinary actions. Ensure you have updated the                              necessary information in Student Log in TCIS.

Growing Success Policy document found here: \\TUCSVRNAS02\CPU_Academic\2.Pedagogy-Teaching-&-Learning

   12.  Course Evaluation – HARD COPY

 It was distributed at the last Promotion Meeting in Dec 2013. Let your HOD know if you need a copy.

                 13.   Class Observation/Goal setting objectives - HARD COPY

You should have copies of your observations from HOD and self-appraisal documents

            14.  Minutes of department meeting and staff meeting

                  \\TUCSVRNAS02\CPU_Academic\Minutes- STAFF Meeting


\\TUCSVRNAS02\CPU_Academic\7.Departments on Tfile


Below is the TCSJ CPU 2013 Calendar  

TCSJ CPU 2013 academic calendar ISO audti.pdf TCSJ CPU 2013 academic calendar ISO audti.pdf
Size : 119.175 Kb
Type : pdf

In the last 3 years, we have been through each audit 2 do?

How many audits do we have? 

What are the various audits?

What does each of them look for?

When does each one occur? for example every year 

How are the classes and class hours calculated?

What is the long range plans for?'

What details do we need?