Today's goal for Moodle is to:

1. Set up an easy to use Moodle Format

Can you try to follow the steps outlined below and see if they work for you?

1) Open the template excel file

2) Click on  the "enable editing" button if you see it (refer to enable editing.jpg)

3) Click on the "enable content" to enable macros (refer to enable macro.jpg)

4) Key in the questions and answers and click on make gift file (refer to make gift file.jpg)

5) choose a name and location to save the file. I've named mine mcq.txt and have saved it in c:\ (refer to save gift file.jpg)

6) Go to moodle and import the file. Select gift format and uncheck get category from file and get context from file (refer to gift import.jpg)

 With Regards,

Thong Wai Hon



Moodle for students.pptx Moodle for students.pptx
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