Welcome to the New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP) for the mathematics department.  The  following webpage includes photos, and links to important websites and documents  to help  you   start planning your course before you arrive in Malaysia. The following courses offered are  mathematics of data management (MDM4U), Advanced Functions (MHF4U), Calculus and vectors (MCV4U),  Functions (MCR3U).  

 Ontario Leadership Framework- Domain- Building Relationships and Developing People 

This web page is intended to support the implementation of a modified New Teacher Induction program.  The link to the right is the and comprehensive framework. In each department we have modified it to better the needs of new teacher at Taylor's College. One key feature is the additional information of living and working in Malaysia.  See Practical Words of Advice link.  

One of the key differences is the NTIP Mentorship for an overseas school is the Taylor's program  is a 6 month (one semester program) versus the traditional program. 

Another difference is the teacher appraisal process is a yearly process   composed of  different rubrics and checklists. When you meet your head of department they will explain this process to you. 

The other difference is teachers will not be receiving an accreditation on their Ontario College of Teachers certificate. However, they can include participation of an adapted program with reference to the full document that we will be using at Taylor's College.  See link to the right.  


 Ontario Leadership Framework Domain- Developing the organization and to support Desired Practices  

Below are the links to the following key timetable and scheduling documents: 

  •  CPU shared calendar- Has all of the departments on an electronic calendar 
  • Semester Planner- Is a week by week breakdown of a typical semester (the sample is a January to June semester) a July to December is similar, however, typically longer because there are fewer breaks 
  • Teacher Master Timetable- This is a January to June calendar and shows you the master calendar of school and where teachers teach and how long they are teaching 

Ontario Leadership Framework: Domain- Building Relationships and Developing People  

Below are onsite teacher developed websites: There have been a group of teachers who have been heavily involved with producing videos, websites, blogs and introducing Google Applications to the school. These individuals have all completed a Masters in technology or sciences and have been introducing new and innovative ways to convey and retain information such as importing marks, creating a Google Classroom and providing unique ways to provide course information on the internet through a website and or blog. 

Ontario Leadership Framework- Domain Securing Accountability

 Below are 2 links to a checklist and a short summary of what the inspections entail. Most  

  • ISO 9001- This organization usually looks at our processes (how do you take attendance, what are your long range plans, and does not spend a lot of time on the day to day practice.  Links to various resources such as staff resource handbook can be found and directly linked to our internal server (t-file)
  • Ministry of Education- Usually (1 inspector) from the Ontario Ministry of Education inspectors Taylor's College every other year. The next inspection is April 2015. This inspection process tends to focus on growing succes and how our student success works, your accommodations to support IEPs. 


Ontario Leadership Framework- Domain- Improving the Instructional Program

 Below are the standard course documents for every course. The head of department will provide you with documents for your course once you have been given your teaching schedule. In the math department calculus and vectors and advanced functions are the most popular courses. A senior teacher will most likely update these documents and e-mail everyone a copy or you can get them for the shared drive at school. The t-Drive.   For inspection take note of where they are - know the path name this could be very long- or place in your Moodle, website or blog or wiki.   

Mathematics Modules:  A teacher assigned to teach both business and mathematics Mr. Bryan suggested that teachers develop modules to help teachers keep students who are late on track with modules to help with classrrom management. Some students who want to work ahead can and others who need more assistance may work more slowly through them.