Welcome to the New Teacher Induction Program for the Social Sciences Department. This page is a going to contain some of the most relevant information for you to get started on such as course outline. The website also contains some previous years PD information as well as  maps . The outline of full Ontario Ministry of Education NTIP-Social Sciences is also provided

Below is the link to our Markbook Software System  

Below are links to the typical course documents that you will see at your stay at Taylor's College. The courses offered are: CHY4U (World History: The West and the World); CGW4U (Canadian and World Issues: A Geographical Analysis); CLN4U* offered only when there is sufficient enrollment ( Canadian and International Law); HSB4U (Challenge and Change); CIA4U (Analysing Current Economic Issues); CPW4U (Canadian and World Politics)

Business Department Resources: Below are some of the additional resources that a business teacher developed. They are very good for the diverse student body. A number of teachers like to assign modules because a number of students, every semester start late because of the visa issues. This usually applies to our international student body.