iPad Fest April 30, 2013  

Today I want to discuss how I use the iPad and what functions I find most helpful in my science classes: 

1. Internet Access - students can access a Moodle or Web Site from their seats. 

2. Use of Google Drive - students share documents- I can view presentations instantly using my iPad. 

I prepared a slide show using Google Drive on Contamination

3. Students can share the device to watch Youtube Videos see class lesson 

4. Students have shown me games that they like that could be used in an English and Social Studies class

5. Specific applications for Social Science and English classes  

 Screenshots of the iPad

How to take a screen shot: Press the "black button on the top right" and the  the home key at the same time. To create screen shots your iPad.  

 Screenshot of App "Popplet" creates Mindmaps using pictures taken using the iPad and screenshot function. 

iPad App for Sciences  


Coaster Frenzy Map - Free- students can make their  own roller coasters, they can create hills and turns. 

Google Drive- stores all of the shared documents- 

1. Students have created spreadsheets using an iPad and shared with the groups. 

2. Students send me their Google Docs presentation and I can view it on my iPad.  Google Docs allows students to easily create PowerPoint - like type presentations and share them with me immediately. Google Docs allows them to embed YouTube videos into the PowerPoint presentation. 

Textbook: students can view PDF files of textbooks. They can zoom into a part of the text. This is helpful when they are create maps do do exercises involving direction.  

General Mindmapping Apps: 

Mental - Free 

Popplet- Free- Make a mind map using photos, screenshots and camera shots 


Using academic or vetted content such as the:  

CBC Radio App- Free- Has "Quarks and Quirks and the "Nature of Things"  podcast 

Mathematics for everyone

MyScript Calculator-  Free- just use your finger to write out the calculation you want to do

Multimedia for everyone

Ted -stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design- Free- use for "Canadian Tar Sands" 

Air Video - Free- connects iPad to the computer. This means Aaron can have his computer on in the office and I can connect my iPad to his computers to watch movies in the living room. 

60 minutes App- prices $4.99 depends on which iTunes site you are registered to US cheapest- Advantage- Organized and Archived videos- Recent Video on "Dr. Death Angel". 

Movie Maker

 Takes- Allows you to take photos allows you to make an instant movie to send to Facebook or you can e-mail it from your iPad. I have used this in labs for both Chemistry and Physics. 

Reading Apps: 

Zino- Free-  but you have to pay for a subscription, I have "Blooomberg News" the price is about "$ 25.00 for 10 issues". 

I have subscriptions to: "Shape", "Oxygen", "Oprah"...any other magazine. Almost all magazines are on there.  

Newstand-   is from itunes and has interactive magazines such as showing live magazines.  See "Women's Health" Kettlebell exercises.  

Flipboard- Free- allows you to view content from major news sources from a range of international organizations which covers a variety of topics and interests  from: Technology, Politics and Sports. Hit "More" to get the Listing for example you open "News" and you get "ABC News, Al Jazeera, AP Politics, The Daily Beast, The Globe and Mail. 


Kindle- Free- used to buy fictional and non fictional books. 

Educational Games

4 Pic 1 Word- This game students students showed me- Free- 1 word connects 4 pictures.  

Chemistry 11 Prep- Approximately $4.99- Advantages- Allows students to take quiz and show answer to them immediately the content is based on the Ontario Curriculum.  I 


Google Earth 

Miscellaneous Apps

I have found these Apps but they are general but pretty neat!  

Homestyler- Free- Allows us to see really nice designed photos based on theme- I think it is neat because the diagrams are really clear and crisp.  It also helps to see how you can make/design a room based on the diagram.  

Om Finder- Free- I downloaded this App from one of my e-mail messages from Lululemon.  The App allows me to find yoga classes and teachers.  The App is really nice because it provides details on the class, location and teacher...such as is the teacher a man or woman.